“Stuck in Kathmandu” Film Screening

skatmanduflyer_KavaFBPostersmallJoin us for a screening of the documentary film “Stuck in Kathmandu” on Sunday, February 16th at 9pm. The film is a documentary of Briana Kai’s journey to take her grandfather’s ashes to the Valley of Flowers in India. Along the way, she gets stranded in Kathmandu, Nepal, where this part of the documentary takes place, as she is able to deeply explore the Nepalese culture, absorb the wisdom of sacred sites, befriend the children, and receive the embrace of the Nepali people.

One of the most profound moments in the film, is the time spent with the NAG school, and the incredible spirits of the Nepali children. The NAG, Nawa Asha Griha, Home of New Hopes, is a home for street children, where kids from the poorest conditions can find a home, a nourishing meal, an education, and a chance at a brighter future. Founded twenty years ago by Nicole Thakuri-Wick, starting with six kids in her living room, now accommodating and supporting over 500 children. It is truly a blessing and an inspiration, to see the bright spirits of these once downtrodden children. http://www.nagnepal.org/wordpress/en/

Briana has the opportunity to return to the NAG school with the company of Tammy Firefly and few other world renowned performance artists to bring circus toys and perform for the children. They have an Indiegogo campaign where people can go to support their cause and this screening is a fundraiser to bring awareness, share her journey and help make this next part happen.

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